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Absolutely fabulous food,fresh and very tasty,working our way down menu but the kebab is ace!

Chris, 21 Nov 2020

  Reply : Thanks Chris. Glad you enjoyed. X

The food is always fantastic. The only issue is delivery/pick up times are often late.

Shaun, 20 Nov 2020

Your kababs are always fantastic. The only issue we have is food being ready on time.

Shaun, 20 Nov 2020

  Reply : Hi Shaun I know this can be a problem.. usually it’s because we are very busy and trying to catch up on pre-orders. There is only 3 of us cooking and it can get very hectic especially at the weekends. Really sorry you had to wait. X

I’m obsessed with the food! And the price & service is perfect!

Josh, 18 Nov 2020

  Reply : ThanksJosh and bless your heart. Xx

Excellent food and delivery on time. Brilliant

Martyn, 13 Nov 2020

  Reply : Thanks for your feedback Martyn. X

Delicious as ever, bit on the hot side tonight and more guacamole please only because it’s lovely.

Abi, 12 Nov 2020

  Reply : Hi Abi/Ash.. Thank you for your feedback.. It was probably hotter this time round as we have changed the usual mature sheeze slices for the Mexican hot pepper sheeze slices.. if this is a problem, please state on the phone or on the website notes that you prefer the cheddar sheeze. We’ll take on your points regarding more guacamole. X

Didn’t get my 10% off like stated in the text but I’m not too bothered because the food will be good

Toby, 30 Oct 2020

  Reply : I’m sorry about that Toby.. if you ordered on the website it should’ve done it automatically. X

Wonderful always

F, 29 Oct 2020

Love your food and would like to make a donation towards the food for kids, unfortuantely though because it is one of your menu items I can't donate when you aren't open. Is there anything you can do about this?

James Schindlerord , 27 Oct 2020

  Reply : Hi James.. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness.. The website will be open for the rest of this week. Or PayPal : Thanks again. Xx

Always wonderful

Francesca, 22 Oct 2020

Hi guys, delicious food. Thank you very much. Im curious, can i use the points collected for something, as i approach 900?

Felix, 17 Oct 2020

  Reply : Hi Felix.. glad you enjoyed the food.. when you have collected enough points it automatically gives you money off and you may even get a free meal... The more you order, the more points you accumulate. Thank you for your ongoing support. Xx

Absolutely delicious one of the best hotdogs I've ever had

Richard, 16 Oct 2020

  Reply : Thanks Rich. Xx

You don’t have to be vegan to appreciate good food. My teenage son is a meat eater and loves vegan mamas loaded kebabs. It’s our no.1 place for takeaway, in fact it’s our only take away food now xx

Alexandra, 10 Oct 2020

  Reply : Thanks Alex. Xx

Your food is absolutely incredible. You really should be very proud of yourself :-) I don’t require a response. I just wanted to let you know how amazing you’re doing.

Mia, 10 Oct 2020

  Reply : Mia.. you’ve touched my heart. Thank you so much for your lovely review.. it’s been a long time in the making.. when out there was a desert. Big love to you. Hugs and kisses. Xx

Thank you for listening to my previous feedback about not putting napkins in the boxes with the wedges! The paper used to disintegrate and get mixed in with the bolognese, but now you have stopped putting them in, it has made so much difference. Thank you xx

Es, 08 Oct 2020

  Reply : Thank you for letting us know Eleanor. Our customers are very important to us so we take your feedback very seriously. Xxx

Buy the food YOU WILL NOT REGRET. Some of the best value for money out of and delivery service. Tonight's dinner and tomorrows lunch in one meal and your average meat eater couldn't even tell the difference.

Jack, 02 Oct 2020

  Reply : Thank you for your great review Jack. Xx

OMG!! First time order a this is the best takeaway I have had in a long time, I am not Vegan but this food could easily change me!! A delay on delivery but it was well worth the wait!! You can’t & haven’t rushed good food, great work & thanks!!

Brendon, 26 Sep 2020

  Reply : Ahh bless you Brendon. And thank you for your patience on such a crazy night. Xx


David, 22 Sep 2020

Lovely food delivery very slow long wait go passed being hungry

Jay, 11 Sep 2020

  Reply : Sorry Jay we can only do what we can do as we don’t have a long line of cooks. and our food isn’t pre-packed or ready made so all takes time to cook unfortunately. However there is pre-order facility on the webpage for you to order in advance. Anyway glad you enjoyed the food. X

Delicious Vegan wraps, highly recommend.

Iona, 11 Sep 2020

Amazing food!!

Josh, 30 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thanks Josh.. great to see you again. Xx

Food delicious as always, many thanks x

Chris Babbage, 25 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thanks for the lovely review Chris. Xx

We lova ya! Amazing vegan choice and lovely family business x

Rae, 25 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thank you Rae... we love you too. Xx

Amazing food made fresh, best takeaway I've ever been to, always top quality

Erin, 23 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thank you for your appreciation Erin. Love you. Xxx

The freshest and most flavoursome food. What a blessing to find this in Devon. Worth the wait. Slow delivery obviously - don't mind waiting if you know its gonna be worth it. Brought to the correct door politely and with no drama on both occasions x Ps I would buy calaloo patties if you offered them or some sort of green side dish. Stay safe and ill order again soon x

F, 18 Jul 2020

  Reply : Hi F.. Thank you for your kind words, patience and understanding. And thank you for willing to order from us again even though you had a wait. Xx

Really amazingly tasty vegan food, and generous portions, love that they are made with love also! I am becoming a regular customer. So great to have these 100% vegan food meal deliveries in Paignton. Thanks so much

Sean, 09 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thanks Sean love you. Xx